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Solana NFT Project Feature




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July 21, 2022

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Solana NFT Project Feature

Choose a NFT project from the following list and create a dashboard with the new Flipside dashboard layout that can refresh once a day highlighting at least 4 metrics of your choosing that helps show the "health" of the project. Note any noticeable trends or current events for the project. Highlight how liquidity is flowing in and out of the project and what types of buyers and sellers are interacting with the project.

Note: A tip will be given out for the best dashboard of each unique project (assuming it is deserving) along with a grand prize for the overall best dashboard among all projects.

Projects to choose from:


-Solana Monkey Business

-Shadowy Super Coders

-Okay Bears

-Degen Ape Academy


-Cets on Creck

-Taiyo Robotics

-Blocksmith Labs

-Famous Fox Federation

-Communi3: Mad Scientists



-Catalina Whales

-Bubblegoose Ballers

-Trippin' Ape Tribe


-Stoned Ape Crew

-Boryoku Dragonz

-Galactic Geckos



-Pesky Penguins


-Nyan Heroes

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🏆 Grand Prize
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