Creating a prices table for Osmosis swaps: Skill-building Bounty 15 (Hard)

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    This week’s hard bounty will be a continuation of this week’s easy bounty. From the easy bounty, we’ve created a dashboard to show the top 5 trending assets in the past week. 

    In this bounty however, we would like you to create a prices table for each asset denominated in USD so that we can get the top trending assets by USD volume. 

    You would create this prices table using the swaps data instead of using the dim_prices table. 

    Don’t forget to join us for a walkthrough for this bounty in our live SQL sessions on discord on October 4. You can also catch the previous live SQL session recordings on our Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FF_upt0F8gw&t=2s