Etherscan 'Internal transactions’: Skill-building Bounty 11 (Hard)

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    We’ve all seen Etherscan transactions with entries in the ‘internal transactions’ tab, but what do those mean and how do we query those? 

    The sample transaction above is one with internal transactions with the following details: 

    • A transaction to settle an NFT auction in the SuperRare platform 
    • NFT contract address: 0x233FFf5F31Dc468936194fdD44BB237F31095D90, TokenId: 4 
    • Distribute the NFT to the winning bidder 
    • Distribute the funds to the seller 

    Using a combination of fact_transactions, event_logs and the traces table, create a raw table that shows all ‘settle auction’ transactions with this NFT contract address for all TokenIds. The table would have the following:

    • tokenId
    • Winning bidder address 
    • How much ETH was sent to the Superrare Treasury address 
    • How much ETH did the seller receive 

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