Fifa Collect Users & NEW Algorand Tables: Skill-building Bounty 29 (Hard)

    Solve bounties that help you level up as an analyst. Join us on our live call on Tuesday, November 22 as we walk through solving this bounty together with you


    It’s world cup season! In case you missed it, Fifa partnered with Algorand to launch an NFT platform to collect and trade digital football moments a few months ago ( ). To surface these NFT mints and trades, we launched several new tables in Algorand specifically catered for Fifa. 

    Using these new tables (navigate to the Algorand table -> NFT), find out the following: 

    • How many new users has the Fifa+ platform onboarded since its launch? 
    • How much volume (in algo and in number of transactions) in trading Fifa NFTs was contributed by new users vs ‘old’ users? 

    In the live call, we’ll also talk about the new Algorand tables and how you can use them to your advantage. 

    Don’t forget to join us for a walkthrough for this bounty in our live SQL sessions on discord on November 22. You can also catch the previous live SQL session recordings on our Youtube channel