Solana swaps: Skill-building Bounty 12 (Easy)

    Solve bounties that help you level up as an analyst. Join us on our live call on Tuesday, September 27 as we walk through solving this bounty together with you


    This week we’ll take a second look at our Solana Educational bounties: swaps on Orca

    In the live call, we’ll go over the swaps and labels table (solana.core.fact_swaps and solana.core.dim_labels) to recreate a dashboard showcasing the following:

    1. Swap volumes of SOL in September 2022 both swap into and out of SOL 
    2. Swap volumes and transaction count of SOL swaps for each dex 
    3. What assets was SOL swapped for the most? What assets were swapped to SOL the most? Equip your charts with proper labels 

    Don’t forget to join us for a walkthrough for this bounty in our live SQL sessions on discord on September 27. You can also catch the previous live SQL session recordings on our Youtube channel