Axelar Interop presentation

    In this article, we have prepared some metrics that show the growth of the Axelar ecosystem over time. In fact this article have been prepared for presentation on Axelar's Interop Summit. The article have been prepared ien 5 sections: Introduction In this section we have discussed about axelar network and what is it what used for and … General This section examines general information about axelar such as the number of successful transactions and other metrics. Axelar token In this section axelar token will be explored. Price, staking, holders and.. Are the main Fields of investigation. BC transfer in This section examines the IBC transfer and sees if it's going up or down. And we will find out which tokens and blockchains have a lot of volume IBC transfer out This section is like the previous, but IBC transfer out will be examined. Inner transferring Bridge We will examine the axelar bridge in point of view of volume, number, users and blockchians.