Learn. Earn. Repeat.

Get paid to learn about protocols and chains, and level up to become a crypto-SQL superstar!

Active Bounties & Scavenger Hunts


Beginner bounties and scavenger hunts are designed for those who are just getting started with Community-Enabled Analytics or are new to a particular ecosystem. These bounties are open to all users, regardless of experience or ability level.


Intermediate bounties are intended to offer a more challenging experience than Beginner bounties — often with a higher potential reward. These bounties are open to users that have successfully completed at least three Beginner bounties.

How it Works

  • Discover new projects & bounties

    Each week, we source questions from community members and turn them into bounties. Then we reward analysts for creating data dashboards that successfully answer them.

  • Solve Your

    All questions should be solved using Flipside Crypto's free on-chain data sets. Sign up for Velocity to gain access to Flipside's free on-chain data, and find tutorials and other resources below.

  • Submit Your

    Once you've completed a bounty, submit it using the form linked on the project page. Searching for inspiration? Check out some past winning submissions to see what the best of the best look like

  • Earn

    Get paid! If your dashboard is submitted on time and fits the criteria, you'll be rewarded with crypto, usually the native currency for the project you're working on. You may even take home the grand prize for the top dashboard to a given question — and the extra reward that comes with it!