Bounties & Scavenger Hunts


    Beginner bounties and scavenger hunts are designed for those who are just getting started with Community-Enabled Analytics or are new to a particular ecosystem. These bounties are open to all users, regardless of experience or ability level.


    Intermediate bounties are intended to offer a more challenging experience than Beginner bounties — often with a higher potential reward. These bounties are open to users that have successfully completed at least three Beginner bounties.


    Advanced bounties are the most challenging and difficult bounty questions — and offer the largest potential rewards too. These bounties are open to our most experienced and talented analysts. The current threshold to earn elite status is 10+ grand prizes, which we define as scores of 11 or 12. Achieving this status will grant you access to claim as many bounties as you would like (and a few secret perks, too). Flipside will continue to experiment with other methods to access unlimited claims, such as Elo score. As we release more bounties, the 10+ number will increase. We will provide ample advance notice of these changes.

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