Perpetual Futures Contract on Vertex Protocol

    This dashboard is meticulously designed to provide you with a real-time overview and detailed analytics of perpetual trades, traders, trading volumes, and the distribution of traders by volume. Let's explore the key metrics featured on this dashboard: 1. Perp Trades Overview: - Total Trades: Track the total number of perp trades executed on the platform. 2. Perp Traders Analytics: - Active Traders: The count of unique traders who have executed at least one trade within the selected timeframe. -New Traders: Monitor the influx of new traders to the platform, showcasing the growth and adoption of Vertex Protocol. 3. Perp Trading Volume: - Daily Volume: A line chart displaying the daily trading volume in USD, allowing you to spot trends and patterns. - Volume by Asset: Pie charts breaking down the volume by different assets traded, highlighting the most popular assets on the platform. 4. Traders Distribution: - Distribution by Volume: A chart illustrating the percentage of traders within specific volume brackets (e.g., $1k-$10k, $10k-$100k, etc.), offering a clear view of market segmentation.