GMT and SOL into StepN

    GMT is the governance token for StepN that will provide holders with a share of all fees earned within the app. However, recently StepN has made some changes to require using GMT in the game mechanics itself to give it additional utility and incentivize burning of the supply. Currently, the only way acquire GMT is by trading for it (you can not currently earn it in the game, this will change soon). Track the flow of GMT into the app. How are users acquiring GMT? Is by swapping using a DEX like Jupiter, or do flows seem to be coming from centralized exchanges? How often is GST (the token earned in the game) swapped for GMT? What other actions are wallets that are sending GMT into the app doing? Additionally, where do SOL inflows into the app seem to be coming from? Does it seem like most StepN users were already active within the Solana ecosystem, or is there a lot of activity that originated from inflows from centralized exchanges? Essentially, is StepN onboarding users into Solana? Create visualizations showing these inflows of GMT and SOL into the StepN app and if the announcement of Coinbase adding StepN to their list of tokens sparked additional interest from sources outside of the Solana ecosystem."