Cosmos & Delegation - Blockchain Eco system

    Cosmos stands out as a blockchain ecosystem crafted to enhance connectivity and scalability in the realm of digital currencies. Its primary goal is to foster interaction and cooperation, among blockchain networks utilizing a distinct consensus mechanism called Tendermint. The Cosmos Ecosystem comprises interconnected blockchains known as "zones " aiming to address the challenges of compatibility and scalability. By enabling communication and data sharing between blockchains Cosmos promotes an intertwined and effective decentralized environment. In the Cosmos network validators play a role in validating transactions and generating blocks. They are essential for upholding network security and integrity by verifying transaction validity and proposing blocks in a manner. Validators stake ATOM tokens as security collateral. Can receive delegations from token holders sharing rewards for their contributions. Engaging actively in network governance validators ensure growth and stability within the Cosmos ecosystem. ATOM serves as the cryptocurrency of the blockchain in the Cosmos Hub fulfilling roles such as staking, governance participation and facilitating exchanges, within the network. Delegations represent a feature of the Cosmos system allowing token holders to delegate their holdings to chosen validators.Those, in charge of safeguarding the network and confirming transactions are called validators. In exchange, for their efforts validators are. Delegators also get a share of these rewards depending on the amount they have delegated.