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    Avalanche Metrics

    Avalanche Metrics from Avalanche NetworkAvalanche Network
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    Power your analytics with Avalanche network metrics such as subnet usage, staking operations, and more.

    -- dexalotevm tx count from Mon Oct 03 2022 20:30:00 GMT+0000
    select ('') 
    -- dexalotevm active addresses from Mon Oct 03 2022 20:30:00 GMT+0000
    select ('') 
    Getting Started

    To start building with Avalanche Metrics

    • It's already installed - go to the LiveQuery section of Data Studio and start querying!

    Avalanche Metrics allows you to query important statistics around the health and performance of Avalanches's primary network, compassing the X, P, and C blockchain, and custom blockchain networks. With this API you may build powerful apps such as This free API has rate limiting but may be adjusted via contacting Avalanche's discord, linked here: The API currently exists in the HTTPS schema and allows for data around Subnet Information, Active Users, Cumulative Activity, Chain Throughput, and Staking Information.