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    CoinGecko Crypto Data API

    CoinGecko Crypto Data API from CoingeckoCoingecko
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    The CoinGecko Crypto Data API offers real-time access to a comprehensive range of cryptocurrency market data, including prices, trading volumes, historical trends, and more, empowering developers and enthusiasts with valuable insights.

    SELECT coingecko.get('/api/v3/coins/list', {}) as resp
    SELECT coingecko.get('/api/v3/simple/price', {
      'ids': '0x', 
      'vs_currencies': 'btc,usd,eth'
    }) as resp
    Getting Started

    The CoinGecko Crypto Data API is a robust platform designed to provide developers, traders, analysts, and enthusiasts with real-time and historical cryptocurrency market data. This API serves as an invaluable resource, offering seamless integration for applications, research, and informed decision-making within the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.

    Signing up for the CoinGecko Crypto Data API is a user-friendly process. Follow these steps to embark on a journey of cryptocurrency insights:

    • Account Creation: Prospective users are required to create an account on the CoinGecko website. This account will be the foundation for API access.

    • API Key Generation: Upon successful account creation and login, users can proceed to generate a unique API key. This key serves as the key to unlocking the API's potential, enabling seamless authentication and access to the data.

    • Subscription Selection: Users have the opportunity to select from a range of subscription tiers tailored to their needs. These tiers offer varying levels of access and usage allowances. The user must choose a suitable plan and complete the subscription process.

    • Terms Acceptance: Prior to accessing the API, users must carefully review and agree to the CoinGecko API Terms of Use. These terms outline the acceptable usage of API data, including data attribution and other crucial guidelines.

    • API Documentation: The API documentation serves as an indispensable resource for users. It provides comprehensive insights into available endpoints, request parameters, response formats, and authentication mechanisms. Exploring this documentation is vital for structuring effective API requests.


    The CoinGecko Crypto Data API offers a rich spectrum of features and data sets, empowering applications with dynamic cryptocurrency content. Here are the key features and data available:

    1. Cryptocurrency Listings Retrieve a comprehensive list of all cryptocurrencies featured on CoinGecko, complete with essential details such as names, symbols, and identifiers.

    2. Real-Time Market Data Access real-time cryptocurrency market data, including prices, trading volumes, market capitalizations, and price changes. Stay informed about the latest market dynamics and trends.

    3. Historical Data Access historical cryptocurrency market data to analyze and chart price trends, trading volumes, and market capitalizations over specific timeframes.

    4. Exchange Listings Retrieve a list of cryptocurrency exchanges, encompassing critical details about trading pairs, trading volumes, and exchange statistics.

    5. Global Metrics Access global cryptocurrency market metrics, including total market capitalization, trading volumes, and dominance percentages. Gain insights into the overall health of the crypto market.

    6. Price Conversion Effortlessly convert cryptocurrency prices and values into various fiat and cryptocurrency units. Enhance user experience by presenting prices in their preferred currencies.

    7. Market Charts Integrate interactive cryptocurrency price charts into applications. Visualize price movements and trends, providing users with valuable insights at a glance.

    8. Data Customization Fine-tune API requests to meet specific needs by employing filters, parameters, and query options. This customization ensures the delivery of precise and relevant information.