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    DappRadar Analytics API

    DappRadar Analytics API from DappRadarDappRadar
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    The DappRadar Analytics API offers developers real-time access to a comprehensive range of decentralized application (dApp) data, including user activity, transaction volumes, protocol insights, and more, enabling informed decision-making and deeper insights into the evolving dApp ecosystem.

    SELECT dappradar.get('/4tsxo4vuhotaojtl/defi/chains', {}) as resp;
    Getting Started

    The DappRadar Analytics API serves as a powerful gateway for developers, analysts, and enthusiasts seeking real-time insights into the dynamic realm of decentralized applications (dApps). This API empowers users with a wealth of dApp data, ranging from user activity to transaction volumes and protocol insights, enabling well-informed decision-making and in-depth exploration of the evolving dApp landscape.

    Embarking on a journey with the DappRadar Analytics API is a streamlined process. Follow these steps to unlock the world of dApp analytics:

    • Account Creation: To initiate the integration process, users are required to create an account on the DappRadar website. This account forms the basis for API access.

    • API Key Generation: Upon successful account creation and login, users can proceed to generate a unique API key. This key functions as the conduit to the API's wealth of dApp data. It plays a critical role in authenticating API requests and safeguarding data integrity.

    • Subscription Selection: The API offers various subscription tiers to cater to a diverse range of needs. Users have the flexibility to select a subscription plan that aligns with their usage requirements. Choosing a subscription plan sets the stage for comprehensive dApp insights.

    • Terms Acceptance: Before delving into the API's offerings, users are expected to review and accept the DappRadar API Terms of Use. These terms outline the permissible use of API data, including attribution guidelines and other essential aspects.

    API Documentation: The API documentation emerges as an indispensable resource for users. It sheds light on the spectrum of available endpoints, provides detailed explanations of request parameters, response formats, and authentication mechanisms. Exploring this documentation empowers users to craft effective API queries.


    The DappRadar Analytics API presents an extensive array of features and data, propelling applications to thrive with dApp insights. Here are the key features and data sets available:

    1. User Activity Access real-time and historical data on user interactions within dApps. Monitor user engagement, retention rates, and other user-centric metrics to gain a comprehensive view of dApp adoption.

    2. Transaction Volumes Retrieve data on transaction volumes within dApps, encompassing details about trade activities, token transfers, and other transactions. Analyze transaction trends to gauge dApp usage and market dynamics.

    3. Protocol Insights Access insights into the performance and activity of blockchain protocols supporting dApps. Understand the underlying technology driving dApps and make informed decisions based on protocol metrics.

    4. Token Metrics Retrieve comprehensive token metrics, including trading volumes, price changes, and liquidity data within dApps. Stay updated on token performance and liquidity trends.

    5. Historical Data Access historical data to conduct in-depth analyses of user activity, transaction volumes, and protocol performance over specific timeframes. Uncover patterns and correlations to inform strategic decisions.

    6. Data Customization Fine-tune API requests using filters, parameters, and query options to tailor data retrieval to specific requirements. Provide users with precisely the insights they need.