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    With GhostLogs you can add custom, gasless events to existing smart contracts and then query those new events from Flipside LiveQuery

    Getting Started

    To get started modifying contracts with GhostLogs, you'll need to create an account.

    • Create an account with GhostLogs
    • Email [email protected] and mention Flipside to get early access
    • Modify smart contracts on GhostLogs and add your custom gasless events
    • Backfill historical transactions with your modified contracts to emit the gasless events
    • In GhostLogs, use the template engine to generate a sample Flipside query and then paste it in to Flipside Studio
    • You can then modify the query to join with other Flipside tables as desired

    The GhostLogs LiveQuery integration provides access to events generated from your ghost forks. If a contract is missing a crucial event, you can add it, and GhostLogs will generate a fork and help you backfill your modified contracts across all historical transactions to emit your new gasless events. After backfilling your gasless events on GhostLogs, you can easily query them directly from Flipside using this LiveQuery integration.