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    Solana's leading RPC Nodes, APIs, Webhooks, and Data Infrastructure.

        'mainnet', -- the network, 'mainnet' or 'devnet'
        ] -- your transactions
    ) as resp
        'mainnet', -- the network, 'mainnet' or 'devnet'
        '231B38ZpsbtrWbsBEjSXfjVj9JT2XyuNXy4f98V5NXxg' -- the address to retrieve the balance for
      ) as resp
    Getting Started

    To get started building with Helius, you'll need to create an account and generate an API key.

    • Create an account with Helius
    • Generate an API key
    • Click the Install button here and enter your API key
    • Go to the LiveQuery section of Data Studio and start querying!

    We founded Helius to make it easier to build on Solana. Solana's scale presents challenges such as costly, slow RPC nodes, unreliable data streaming, and cryptic on-chain data. Developing on Solana should be simple, affordable, and fast. That's why Helius exists. With Helius, you get access to a wide range of enhanced APIs, webhooks, RPC nodes and data infrastructure such as Geyser Nodes for low-latency streaming.

    What Does Helius Offer?

    • The most reliable and best performing RPCs on Solana
    • Enhanced Solana APIs
    • Transactions & Account Webhooks
    • Geyser Plugins as a Service
    • DAS API and Compression Support