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    Snapshot API

    Snapshot API from SnapshotSnapshot
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    The Snapshot API provides data encompassing information about spaces, proposals, voting activities, and more.

    SELECT snapshot.query({
      'query': '{
        space(id: "snapshot.dcl.eth") {
      'variables': {}
    }) as resp
    Getting Started

    To get started building with the Snapshot API, you’ll need to:

    • Request an API
    • Wait 72 hours for your submission to be reviewed and your address whitelisted
    • Connect your wallet at to generate your key
    • Click the Install button here and enter your API key
    • Go to the LiveQuery section of Data Studio and start querying!

    Snapshot is an off-chain gasless multi-governance client which results are easy to verify and hard to contest. DAOs, DeFi protocols, or NFT communities to vote easily without gas fees through Snapshot (a voting platform). Snapshot allows flexible customizations of the voting process to address diverse needs and users/organizations. For example, users/organizations can adjust voting power, voting mechanisms, proposal and vote validation, and more.

    Key Features

    • Free usage: take part in governance without any gas fees
    • Signed messages: easily verifiable votes with signed messages
    • Multiple voting systems: Single choice, Approval voting, Quadratic voting, and more
    • Flexible voting strategies: customize how voting power is calculated
    • Proposal and voting validation: utilize third party tools such as Gitcoin Passport and POAPs to determine who can vote or propose
    • Custom branding: determine your space’s branding
    • Fully open source: with MIT license. Code: