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    Solscan API

    Solscan API from SolscanSolscan
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    Leading block explorer that is helping Solana users make sense of what happens in the Solana ecosystem. Solscan offers a way of displaying transactions, accounts or tokens as well as a wide variety of analytical dashboards.

    SELECT solscan.public_api_get('/block/last', {'limit': 10}) as resp
    Getting Started

    Solscan is the leading explorer on the Solana ecosystem with the following features:

    • Blockchain Exploration: Solscan serves as an explorer for the Solana blockchain, allowing users to explore and understand the network’s transactions, accounts, and tokens.
    • Transaction Tracking: Users can use Solscan to track and monitor transactions on the Solana blockchain. This is useful for verifying the status of transfers, token swaps, smart contract interactions, and other activities on the network.
    • Account Management: Solscan offers tools for users to manage their accounts on the Solana blockchain. This could include features like viewing account balances, transaction history, and token holdings associated with specific addresses.
    • Analytics and Data Visualization: Solscan offers data visualization tools and analytics that help users understand network activity trends, transaction volume, token distribution, and other relevant metrics.
    • Real-Time Updates: The platform offers real-time updates on transactions and activities happening on the Solana blockchain, ensuring users have the most current information available.