Solana / Set up your Phantom Wallet

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    Quest Address

    Add a wallet to access offers based on your onchain activity. This is the address we'll be watching to see if you completed the action.

    Rewards By Scores

    Some quests offer different rewards based on the score of your address. Complete quests and interact with protocols on this chain to increase your score!
    Scores 0-25
    0 ????

    Quest Details

    Rewards Available
    ? ???
    Max Reward
    Per User
    Rewards Offered
    5 min
    Estimated Time
    1 Action
    Required Onchain

    Quest Description


    Welcome to Flipside’s Guide to Solana! In this set of quests, you will learn more about the Solana blockchain and how to get set up to explore the ecosystem!

    A user’s wallet is their gateway to any blockchain and primary interface for engaging with the ecosystem’s various DApps and protocols – Solana is no different!

    In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use your Phantom Wallet to buy SOL without needing gas!

    Here’s what you’ll need to complete this quest:

    • A new Phantom Wallet
    Max Reward
    ? ???