How to use Teams (webinar)

Webinar Recap: How to use Flipside Teams

In our recent Flipside Community Webinar, we explored Flipside Teams, our latest feature. Launched just a few weeks ago, Flipside Teams is rapidly changing how teams collaborate and analyze data.

Teams facilitates real-time collaboration, allowing teams to work together seamlessly, share credit for their work, and climb the Flipside top 30 leaderboards through collective efforts.

Demonstration: Flipside Teams in Real-Time

The webinar featured a live demonstration by Sean, Principal Engineer, and Winnie, a UX researcher at Flipside. They showcased the ease of setting up a team, inviting members, and the fluidity of switching between individual and team workspaces. The highlight was the real-time editing capability, where multiple users can simultaneously contribute to the same queries and dashboards, illustrating the dynamic nature of Flipside Teams.

Community Insights: Real-World Applications

Marqu, a respected data analyst for the Solana ecosystem and a Flipside ambassador, shared his initial experiences with Flipside Teams. He highlighted the tool's efficiency, particularly in rapidly assembling complex dashboards. His account of creating an extensive dashboard in under 30 minutes with his team underscored the practical advantages and time-saving features of Flipside Teams.

Collaborative Analytics

Flipside Teams is more than a new feature; it's a transformative tool for collaborative data analysis in the Web3 space.

Watch the full webinar here.