Solana DePIN Snapshot H1 2024

As infrastructural efficiency AND resilience become increasingly essential to resource-intensive industries like AI and data storage, the DePIN sector has become a high-priority segment of the web3 ecosystem. Within this backdrop, Solana has emerged as the preferred chain for a wide range of promising DePIN projects spanning multiple sectors and application types.

The Solana DePIN Snapshot includes an assessment of user growth and activity across the four most active DePIN sectors on Solana: decentralized compute, connectivity, data/sensor networks, and storage – each represented by one major project (Render Network, Helium Hivemapper, and ShdvDrive) along with a shortlist of other relevant projects operating in a similar space. 

Together, these findings provide a detailed assessment of the data in our Solana DePIN Ecosystem Dashboard, which pulls real-time onchain data and synthesizes them into visualizations that you can analyze, export, and customize at will – all for free.

Additionally, our analysis is supplemented with team commentary, to provide an honest, up-to-date assessment of how the leading projects in the space are currently performing.

Read the full Snapshot report here.