The Top Flipside Community Analysts of 2023

With nearly 80,000 crypto analysts in the Flipside community and 109,000 public dashboards created to date, there’s bound to be plenty to buzz about!

To that end, we’ve decided to spotlight five of our top community analysts, with selections based on a combination of factors – including their dashboard activity and popularity, unique industry perspectives, and data storytelling abilities.

Note that this post is by no means a “leaderboard”. Rather, it’s meant to showcase the diverse talent and interests of our impressive analyst community and highlight what is possible using Flipside’s free on-chain data tools.

adriaparcerisas / @adriaparcerisas

Adria is a massive proponent of the Flow blockchain, and his passion really shows through his work. His weekly Flow recaps provide an intuitive yet thorough glimpse of the key events occurring on the chain, and thoughtful analyses such as this Flowverse NFT Marketplace overview provide additional insights into Flow’s sector-specific growth.

Beyond his multivariate analyses of Flow, Adria has also provided the community with a fascinating look at how several legacy brands are engaging with web3. His analysis of the Formula E: High Voltage and Disney Cryptoys mint events offered a window into two very different collections, and his data-backed counter-claims to WSJ’s on-chain money laundering assertions was an unexpected, but fantastic, dashboard to come across.

hess / @0xhess

Hess’ interests span a wide range of L1 and L2 blockchain projects, but he deserves an especially big shoutout for his coverage of all things Sei. Recent community favorites include his deep dive into recent Sei swap activity, this network comparison between Sei and over a dozen popular chains, and perhaps the best Sei inscriptions dashboard we’ve ever seen.

In addition to his Sei dashboards, Hess has also spun up an impressive array of crypto tools for NFT and metaverse-related blockchain projects across multiple chains. This Ethereum-based memecoin activity tracker arrived just in time for last year’s peak NFT cycle, and this on-chain exploration of Phi Land covers everything new and existing users may find interesting about the project.

jackguy / @jackthepine

Jackguy’s examinations of the practical implications of various blockchain projects’ upgrades and underscore his sheer multitude of on-chain interests. For instance, this study on the Taproot upgrade’s impact on the Bitcoin blockchain shows how this long-awaited improvement influenced the network’s transaction costs and block rewards. This CUBIK’s Dev Tooling round dashboard compares the ratio of community funding and matching grant payments across multiple community-led blockchain projects –an interesting angle we seldom see.

In addition to his more esoteric interests, Jackguy also finds time to analyze some of the trending topics among the broader crypto community. This dashboard covering Layer Zero cross-chain flows across 5 major chains was shared during an especially exciting period for the project, and we were also impressed by his in-depth explanations when exploring the cost savings and efficiency for minting NFTs on Solana, complete with a detailed hypothetical breakdown.

marqu / @fknmarqu

Marqu has impressed the Flipside community with his laser focus on Solana’s evolving NFT ecosystem. Marqu’s dashboards provide an impressive level of detail and topical coverage, from their DRiP NFT platform’s user analysis and activity dashboard to this Hadeswap NFT bonding and emissions tracker. Much of the data displayed in these dashboards is difficult to find, if not altogether missing, on pre-set NFT data aggregators, and Marqu’s work is a stellar example of how free, well-designed dashboards can surpass the abilities of gated market intelligence crypto tools.

Beyond individual platform analyses, Marqu also provides macro market insights through creations such as this Solana NFT Marketplace dashboard, which makes it easy to dive into data visualizations across specific timeframes. And users who thrive at the intersection of DeFi and NFTs may enjoy creations that double as informative dashboards and user-friendly crypto tools, such as Marqu’s nifty Tensor wallet inspection tool.

Deebs-DeFi-j9fRbz / @Deebs_DeFi

Deebs has carved out a distinct role as Flipside’s de facto whale watcher, and their coverage of major market movers across multiple chains can be helpful for traders who want to know where the big money is moving next. Additionally, Deebs’ analysis extends well beyond native blockchain projects. For instance, this Smart Money Tracker presents an intuitive overview of VCs’ top ERC-20 token holdings – a resource many crypto traders will likely be interested in.

But beyond listing out the top DeFi wallets across different chains, Deebs embeds many of his dashboards with interactive elements, which makes it easy for anyone to make use of his custom crypto tools. For instance, this Avalanche Whale Tracker lets you analyze individual whale addresses by token holdings and trading activity, and the protocol transaction tracker embedded in this ARB Airdrop Project Watcher has the potential to help identify upcoming opportunities.

Get in on the Action

These are just a few of the incredible analysts in Flipside’s global community, and we encourage you to explore the vast array of public dashboards at your disposal. You can filter dashboards by chain, creation date, community interest, and keywords, and we guarantee you’ll find many more creative, data-based insights than what we’ve covered above.

Or better yet – take things one step further and dig into the data yourself! Flipside’s Free Plan gives you full access to all 26 chains and protocols that we currently have labeled, curated data for, and we’re continually adding new chains. As a free user, you also get unlimited CSV exports, a JSON endpoint, unlimited teams, and endless access to LiveQuery (so you can query 3rd-party APIs on Flipside).

Earn as You Learn

And if you need more incentive to dig into the data yourself, just remember that Flipside regularly distributes bounties to analysts who create the most interesting, insightful data dashboards and crypto tools, based on community engagement.

Since we started this initiative back in 2021, Flipside’s community analysts have collectively earned ~$6.8M in Flipside bounties for producing social goods for the web3 ecosystem, across countless chains, protocols, and sector focuses.

On top of that, we recently increased how much you can earn as a top Flipside analyst, meaning these bounties will only continue to grow.

Data is a public good, which is why Flipside not only makes it possible to query blockchain data for free, we also redirect value back to the community members who make the most of our platform, and are willing to share their learnings with the rest of the world.