What you need to know about Flipside's Schema Re-Organization

TL;DR: We’re updating our schemas to make it easier to browse; some table names are changing; you need to read the dates below so your queries don’t break.

The Flipside data engineering team has been working in overdrive lately. They’ve added a ton of new tables to all of your favorite chains, and it’s time to release it.

With all the new data, we needed a reorganization of our schemas so you could quickly browse through and see all tables available to you. Our former setup made it hard to scan table names, so it was time for an upgrade!

Now you can browse through tables, organized by sector within each protocol or chain. Easily scan through Core, DeFi, NFT, Gov, Price tables for each protocol. (More’s coming soon 👀 you might expect to see LIVE tables in the near future… )

With these changes means a change in some table names.

It’s critical you update table names in any queries you still want to keep updated. Otherwise, they'll break.

Here are the key dates, changes, and necessary actions for you to take:

August 31:

What’s happening: We’re releasing new tables to the Data Studio.Some tables are changing locations. Don’t worry, each table or view that changes will have the new table name in the description of the old table.

What you need to do: You will see the new table names alongside the old ones for two weeks. Update your table names!

September 14:

What’s happening: The old table names will be removed from the Data Studio front end. They will still be functional, but you won’t see them anymore.

What you need to do: By September 14th, you need to change over any queries to new table names to avoid disruption of query results. After today, you won’t be able to see the old table names, so be sure to get this done by the 14th!

We’re excited to continue to make Flipside’s data and data studio the best in the market. As always, join our discord to talk to our team if you have any questions!