Solana Scavenger Hunt (English)

Solana Scavenger Hunt (English)

Welcome to the Solana Ecosystem! We hope this hunt will help you find an easy and enjoyable entry point into Solana.

What’s This For?

The best way to understand a crypto project is to get involved in it yourself. We at Flipside are here to help you do exactly that. This set of steps is your portal into the world of Solana (and all the data we’ve gathered to help you shine a light on its furthest expanses). Think of it as a “pre-flight checklist” for a space launch. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be successfully immersed in the Solana ecosystem, familiar with its core token (SOL) and some of its core applications. Got questions? Reach out in the solana-hunts or query-troubleshooting channels in our Discord!


By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to:

  • Set up a Phantom Exchange Wallet and fund it with SOL
  • Stake SOL via Marinade and get mSOL
  • Stake the mSol on Orca

Good luck!

Preparing for the hunt

You can pack light while chasing this storm, but you do need a couple of things to complete it:

  • An existing Metamask wallet
  • A small amount of ETH to convert to SOL and to cover transactional costs. We’d recommend a minimum of $50
  • A Flipside App account to prove completion; sign up here if you don’t have one

---Steps to Complete--

Set up a Phantom Exchange Wallet

Let’s get started by setting up a wallet and funding it with SOL. We’ll be creating a wallet via Phantom Wallet — think of it as a Metamask for the Solana ecosystem. You can also use Sollet or Solflare wallets as alternatives, but in our experience, Phantom is the easiest to use and is compatible with everything in the Solana ecosystem.

To create your Phantom Wallet:

  • Navigate to the Chrome store and search for Phantom Wallet.
  • Click “Add to Chrome”
  • It will then appear as an extension in your browser. Click “Create New Wallet”
  • Follow the prompts on the screen — and be sure to keep a safe watch on your “Secret Recover Phrase”

Get some SOL

For now, that new wallet is empty — but it won’t be for long. Now it’s time to fund your Phantom Wallet with SOL, the native currency for Solana. If you don’t have any SOL yet, no problem — here’s how to get some. The easiest way to get SOL is by visiting an exchange. To do so, you’ll need to visit an exchange. In this example, we’ll be using Coinbase, but many exchanges allow you to purchase MIR.

To purchase SOL using Coinbase:

  • Go to
  • Click on the “trade” tab on the left-hand side of your screen
  • Search for SOL
  • Click buy and complete the transaction

Important Note: there can be a seven-day withdrawal period between depositing your funds and being able to withdraw them!

Send your SOL to your wallet

Once the waiting period has expired, it’s time to send SOL to your wallet.

To send SOL from a centralized exchange to your Phantom Wallet:

  • Copy your wallet address by opening the extension and clicking on the name of your wallet
  • Click on the “send and receive” tab on the right-hand side of your screen
  • Enter the amount you’d like to send and your wallet address
  • Click continue to complete the transaction

Stake SOL via Marinade to get mSOL

Now that you’ve got SOL in your wallet, it’s time to put it to use.

There are many places where you have the opportunity to stake your Solana (including from your own wallet), but one of the most optimal solutions is to use

To stake using Marinade:

  • Access the Marinade app here
  • Click ‘Start staking SOL’
  • Connect your Phantom Wallet
  • Enter the amount of SOL you would like to stake
  • Click ‘stake’ and follow the prompts to complete the transaction

When you’d eventually like to unstake from Marinade, you have two options:

  • Delayed Unstake: wait until Marinade gets liquidity and receive SOL relative to the price of mSOL.
  • Immediate unstake: Here you withdraw SOL against your mSOL from the liquid unstake pool and pay a small fee to liquidity providers.

Start your journey to whale status with Orca

Now that you have mSOL, you are ready to use it to generate more yield!

There are three commonly used platforms on Solana that you can use to enter liquidity pools: Raydium, Saber, and Orca. Raydium was the first AMM on Solana, Saber is a stable coin exchange, and Orca is a user-friendly DEX.

Thanks to its ease and because of current yield opportunities, we will be using Orca.

To use your mSOL on Orca:

  • Visit the Orca website and click on “pools”
  • Find the mSOL/SOL pool, the top pool on Orca by TVL
  • Click “Deposit” and enter the amount of mSOL you want to enter into the pool
  • Verify you have read the “Pool Guide” and click deposit
  • Make sure you’re receiving your full potential yield by “double-dipping”; Click ‘Double-dip’ and scroll down to the mSOL-SOL pool, then click “Double-dip” and approve in your wallet

Tweet it

That’s it — you’ve officially completed the Solana Scavenger Hunt. Let the world know by tweeting it out and tagging @FlipsideCrypto

---Get Paid!---

  1. Tweet your dashboard and tag @flipsidecrypto Example tweet: Here’s my @flipsidecrypto scavenger hunt! #flipsidetophunts

  2. Share your tweet in the "Solana-hunts” discord channel

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🆘 Getting stuck? Reach out to us in Discord! We’ll be happy to help you with this step.

Congratulations, sun chasers - and welcome once again to the Solana ecosystem! 🎉

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