Open Analytics Bounty: Solana (November 19)

    Open analytics bounties are all about deep dive dashboards into one specific topic.

    Pay by Quality
    Your score determines your final payout.
    Grand Prize
    150 USDC (A score of 11 or 12 earns you a Grand Prize title)
    100 USDC
    Score Multiplier
    0-7 : 0%     8 : 50%     9 : 75%     10 : 100%     11 : 125%     12 : 150%     
    Payout Network

    Submit a deep dive dashboard that explores a specific topic in detail.

    Open Analytics (OA) bounties are bounties without specific prompts, just a direction and a reward. It’s your chance to have your brain follow your heart — got a spark of interest, or a loose thread, or a weirdly-specific question gnawing at the back of your mind? Follow it as far as you can! 

    Scoring and Payout

    Dashboards are scored between 0 and 12. The higher your score, the more payout you’ll receive. 

    (Please note that only dashboards with a score of 8 or greater will receive payment).

    How do you raise your dashboard score?

    The more (accurate) detail and the higher quality your dashboard (organization, method documentation, readability), the better your chances of scoring well.

    Here are a few rules of thumb for OA bounties: 


    • Give your dashboard a specific and relevant title
    • Go deep into a topic and find creative/unusual data or paradigms
    • Find macro and/or micro trends within a particular group or platform
    • Ask weirdly-specific questions
    • Consider trends, news and hot topics of the past day(s), week(s), month(s)
    • Consider what info the platform’s core team and users would find valuable
    • Organize your dashboard so it’s easy to read through
    • Explain your methods clearly and check for mistakes (grammatical or statistical)
    • Consider what media (text/visual) and chart types best fit a certain metric/data point
    • Tweet your dashboard and/or make a thread about conclusions you may draw, tagging @flipsidecrypto


    • Submit a dashboard with a generalized title like "Open Analytics Dashboard"
    • Make an overview/surface-level dashboard
    • Chart only basic data (# of transactions, users, validators, etc)
    • Include inaccurate or false information
    • Copy other peoples’ work
    • Double-dip (submit a dashboard you’ve already submitted for a bounty)

    BONUS: Post your dashboard on Twitter and tag @flipsidecrypto and any relevant accounts!