Decoded Solana Data on Flipside

Data analysis on Solana just got so much easier. Flipside just released decoded data for key Solana projects!

What is decoded data?

Decoded data includes details on instructions and inner instructions, so analysts can see exactly what’s happening in a transaction on Solana.

Detailed transaction data now reveals specific actions within Solana protocols, like Sharky. This advancement allows users to distinguish between activities like lending or borrowing, helping Solana enthusiast better understand the ecosystem.

View the query of this table here.

Analysis of Solana data used to require expert skills and hours of decoding. But with our “ez” tables (easy-to-use), you can access ready to query data. Sifting through a maze of raw data is a thing of the past.

How to use Solana decoded data

To get started, query the data within Flipside’s Data Studio (this will always be free for analysts).

Head to the Solana tables, and under “Core”,  you can query the table: solana.core.ez_decoded_instructions.

To look up which Solana projects we have decoded data for, use this table: solana.core.dim_idl

If there’s a project you don’t see, you can request it here:

Check out this Solana Decoded Data dashboard to get familiar with the updates! Pro tip: You can fork queries in the dashboard for an easy start.

Happy querying!