Make Your Queries Shorter: Stats Table

Your new favorite table is here. The new Stats Table makes it so much easier to get key metrics on 17+ chains, all in one ready-made table. 

About the table

We curated the top stats for the top blockchains so that your queries can be a fraction of the length.

The stats table lets you compare crosschain metrics of the top blockchain metrics in one easy view.

View the dashboard

Want more metrics added to this table? Tweet at us or let us know in Discord. We’ll be regularly updating the table with your requests. 

Who this helps

If you’re on the Builder plan, this means your queries will run faster, helping you avoid overage fees. The table runs your dedicated query seconds more efficiently. 

Analysts, this means less time writing long SQL queries and less time waiting for queries to load. Use the table if you want make analyzing data faster 💪

How to use the table

Once you’re in Flipside’s Data Studio, navigate to the data, click Crosschain, then Stats. You’ll see the table there: ez_core_metrics_hourly.

Or, view this dashboard to see the table in action. Fork the query in the dashboard to get started instantly.