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Chainbase Token API
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Chainbase Token API helps users get on-chain data related to Token Metadata, Token Transfers, Token Holders, and Market Data, efficiently and reliably.

  chainbase_utils.get('/v1/nft/metadata', {
    'chain_id': 1,
    'contract_address': '0xed5af388653567af2f388e6224dc7c4b3241c544',
    'token_id': 1
  }) as resp
Getting Started

To get started building with Chainbase, you'll need to create an account and generate an API key.

  • Create an account with Chainbase
  • Generate an API key
  • Click the Install button here and enter your API key
  • Go to the LiveQuery section of Data Studio and start querying!

Chainbase Token API is especially useful in token-related data indexing. For example, users can easily get token transfers by contract, get top token holders, and get token price history, all of high analytical value, by just entering the required parameters and making the calls.

Apart from Token APIs, Chainbase, as an all-in-one Web3 data infra, also provides a set of pre-defined APIs (Balance API, NFT API, etc.) and API custom functionality (SQL API). Moreover, with our sync service, data engineers can directly pipe the indexed data from on-chain to their own databases.