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    Staking Data API

    Staking Data API from Staking RewardsStaking Rewards
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    Staking Rewards API covers over 60 Assets and 100s of Providers.

          'query': '{
            assets(where: {symbols: ["ETH"]}, limit: 1) {
          'variables': {}
    ) as resp
    Getting Started

    Staking Rewards API offers accurate and up-to-date staking data of a wide variety of assets and validators with an emphasis on:

    • The Top Proof of Stake Blockchains
    • The Most Innovative Protocols
    • The Best Staking Providers

    The API enables you to:

    • Uncover insights into the staking flow of different protocols, previously hidden or hard to deduce
    • Gauge the demand for specific providers, enabling smarter decision-making
    • Model the impact of staking dynamics on price movements

    Prerequisites to using the Staking Rewards API:

    • GraphQL client: the API uses GraphQL, so you’ll need a GraphQL client to make requests to the API. Popular GraphQL clients: Apollo Client (JavaScript), Relay (JavaScript), and Graphene (Python).
    • Basic knowledge of GraphQL

    To get started building with the Staking Rewards API, you'll need to create an account and generate an API key.